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 As the experts know: Great wines start in the vineyard!! 


  Welcome to the village of Aythaya, near Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State and the site of the first vineyard in Myanmar. 


  Why Aythaya?

  This question deserves comprehensive answers. Firstly, the vineyard is close to famous Inle Lake with a pleasant 30 minutes drive between the vineyard and Nyang Shwe, the Northern shore of famous Inle Lake.



  More importantly, of course, is the location of Aythaya with its excellent terroire, its soil texture of calcareous origin, the ambient temperature. All this at an altitude of 1,200m (3,940ft) and without excessive rainfalls is absolutely ideal for producing excellent wines. It is even indispensable for the famous Aythaya white wines.



  Geologically, the hilly slopes of Shan State are the Southern extension of the Himalayan Mountains. In fact, the highest point in Southeast Asia is not far.



  Last but not least, Aythaya vineyard has become a popular destination for international travelers who wish to learn more about wines, their terroires, of grape harvesting and the understanding of the taste differences of grape varieties – especially when paired together with local food.



  Touring the winemaking process in the 1st vineyard of Myanmar is not only educational and rewarding; it also comes with good fun! 


  Come and explore our delicious wines and experience the wine lessons at our tasting events!!!! 

Our Wines and Grape Varieties


  Our “Aythaya Red” is a cuvée from Shiraz (Syrah), Dornfelder from Germany and Tempranillo grapes from the Rioja Valley in Spain. The original vines were imported in 1999 from France, the result of our intense research period. Another discovery was that from nearly 100 classic varieties only 6 cultivars withstood the challenges of the tropical environment.


  A fruity red Moscato grape from Italy is the main grape variety of the famous “Aythaya Rose´”.
The noble Sauvignon Blanc from the Bordeaux area and Loire Valley is the dominating grape variety of our “Aythaya White”.


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